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Investment Strategy

What is Investment Management?

At its core, Investment Management is the process of buying and selling financial assets. To do this effectively, there must be a short and long-term approach. Our process also includes banking, budgeting, taxes, and anything that may affect your overall outcome at the end of every year because it’s not what you make that counts, rather it’s what you keep. Our individual security selection process is below:

Dynamic Analytics:

Dynamic Analytics:

Our dynamic approach helps to make informed decisions with an active & quantifiable method that filters the noise with a:

  • Mathematical based process that reduces risk and seeks profit. 
  • System that is fluid yet regimented, disciplined, and based on real-world experience. 
  • Database tracks thousands of potential investments, looking for trends, while at the same time, defining specific risk and reward targets, and calculating exit strategies for each investment.
Value Strategies:

Value Strategies:

A data driven process as well based on:

  • Asset allocation relative to risk tolerance. 
  • Value Calculations based on historical prices. 
  • Monthly re-balancing based on those valuations.

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