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A Deep History In The Industry And Community

Client Centered

We are probably a little different from any other firm you’ve spoken with in the past. It comes down to our mission, which is truly a passion. We want to bring holistic planning to the middle class and middle-class millionaire families in America. These are the folks who have historically never received this because they were only served by salespeople.

The ultra-high net worth investors have had the benefit of coordinated financial planning for years; however, the middle class and middle-class millionaires who need holistic planning the most, unfortunately, have not benefited from this same level of service. It is our belief that these are the most vulnerable to any economic and legislative changes. For these people, the stakes are sky high. The risk of poor planning, particularly in retirement, can multiply even a small issue.

Our goal is to take a team approach and integrate all your financial professionals into one cohesive process where everyone is working synergistically on your behalf. If you don’t have a team already, we can plug you into ours.

We launched as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor in 2010, with a focus on helping our clients actively manage their investments. We firmly believe we have honored that commitment and will continue to do so.

The FSC Difference: Vision, Approach, And Service are the Pillars of Our Commitment to Clients

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